Tours . . . . the very name conjures up images of a rock band or chart topping singer on their travels, but tours of visitor attractions - well, there are countless places in every country where visitors can view interesting attractions.

As people can be mystified by the mysterious, amused by the absurd, or exhilarated by something exciting, this book, The Strangest Tours in Britain and the best worldwide, is dedicated to providing readers with the most unusual and exciting tours there are. Read all about the chapel decorated with the bones of 40,000 skeletons, and the well where everyday items turn to stone. Or what about the gravest of graveyards or the startling Mystery Spot. Then there is the house made of paper, the village made from bottles, and the castle made from coral.

Find out about freak shows, the Infinity Room, a man-made ocean, the penis restaurant, and the Winchester Mystery House where nothing is what it seems. Adventurous, thrilling or ridiculous tours, they are all here in a book you will want to read more than once - Strangest Tours in Britain and the best worldwide. 


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voodoo tours
the penis restaurant
plague cottage and witches glade tour
a church for dogs
the world of 140,000 tiny people
a house made of paper
sewer tours
the room with 3,264 windows for walls
160 room mystery house tour
freak shows
a village made from bottles
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loch ness monster tour
in search of dracula tour
land of 1,000 gnomes
the million years stone park tour
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zero gravity tours
the world's greatest illusion room
the man made ocean and beach





Items turn to stone in the magic well

Cemetery and ghost tours

Haunted house tours

40,000 human skeletons on display

Storm chasing tours

All an illusion at puzzling world