With well over 60,000 to choose from, the abundance and diversity of pubs in Britain is truly superb and it is little wonder that in this respect we are envied worldwide.

Widely acclaimed by numerous celebrities and the media, Strangest Pubs in Britain and the best worldwide is a rollercoaster ride of amazement, and this book is dedicated to providing readers with tales of the weirdest and wackiest pubs there are. Read all about where you must leave your shoe as a deposit for a drink, the amazing Crooked House where your drink slides up the table, or the pub where you play skittles with a block of cheese. A door layered with human skin, a pub shaped and constructed like a pack of cards, or how would you like to have a drink in the underwater bar?

Find out where there is a pub made out of ice, the smallest, oldest and most remote pubs, and much more. From the bizarre and eccentric pubs, to the weird and downright crazy pubs, they are all here in a book you will want to read more than once - Strangest Pubs in Britain and the best worldwide. 


a pub made out of ice
an underwater bar
the sunken city with a pub
a pub built like a deck of cards
the 6 ton floating bar
a pub where you leave your shoe for a drink
all things to do with death bar
the world's smallest pub
a door made with human skin
the amazing crooked house
the crazy distorted bar
drinks hanging magically from walls
levitating furniture
a pub with its own railway station
the grave robbing bar
a pub made completely out of marble
canal running through a pub
skittles played with blocks of cheese
fantastic alien bar
bizarre condom themed bar
the pub that floats on a bed of reeds
1,000 year old grave in a pub






Pasha's crazy distorted pub

The amazing crooked house pub

Fantastic underwater bar 


Leave your shoe for a drink here

Bizarre condom themed bar

Caveman bar-bq - in a cliff