There are so many museums worldwide that a definitive book published on the subject would be too heavy to lift. The curiosity that is instilled within us all means that people take great enjoyment from wandering around collections in museums - from the most impressive history museums to the small specialist museums that are quite often found tucked away up some little side street.

This book, Strangest Museums in Britain and the best worldwide will tell you where to discover the truly unusual and strange museums, and what you will see. Can there really be an international toilet museum, or a museum for the crutches of cured patients? Or what about the hair museum or the bizarre parasite museum.

From the mildly eccentric to the truly insane. Asparagus, mummies, and barbed wire museums, or how about a paper airplane museum, an asphalt museum, and even (believe it or not) a penis museum. Our favourites? Must be the lawnmower museum and the sex museum. They are all here in a book you will want to read more than once - Strangest Museums in Britain and the best worldwide. 


frog museum
parasite museum
hair museum
salt and pepper shakers museum
pencil museum
museum of funeral history
toilet seat museum
zeppelin museum
sanitary plumbing museum
convent museum
sewer museum
museum of army chaplaincy
museum of toilets
museum of questionable medical devices
paper airplane museum
psychic museum
museum of family camping
lunchbox museum
conspiracy museum
decoy duck museum
vinegar museum
phallogical museum






Sex museum

Barbed wire museum

Voodoo museum


Bank of England museum

UFO museum

Texas prison museum