75 Devon's Road, Bow, London E3

A sad tale accompanies the curiously named Widow's Son in East London. Prior to it becoming a pub a poor widow lived in a cottage on this site about 200 years ago. Her only son was a sailor and as he was due to return home from sea one Good Friday his mother baked him some hot-cross buns. Unfortunately he never returned home and nothing was heard of him again, but his mother continued to have a new bun waiting for him every Good Friday thereafter - which was subsequently added to the buns she had kept from previous years. When she died the buns were discovered hanging from a beam in her cottage which became known to locals as 'Bun House' and, although the cottage was eventually replaced by a pub around 1848, this delightful story and tradition was continued by successive landlords. Every Good Friday a Royal Navy sailor arrives to present a new bun which is added to the mouldy shrunken collection that hangs over the bar, and today, sailors from all parts of the country call in from time to time to pay their respects to the widow - in addition to having a good time at this plain and unassuming East London pub.