Honeystreet, near Pewsey, Wiltshire


 The frequent new discoveries and overall enigma of crop circles receives constant press coverage and in the heart of the Vale of Pewsey lies a pub that is very much part of this unexplained phenomena. From late spring each year The Barge Inn becomes the centre of attention for thousands of visitors from all over the world who are keen to discover the latest on crop circles, and perhaps witness the most recent of these stunning designs to appear.

Crop circles are by no means a modern phenomenon. About 200 cases were reported prior to 1970 and they are even mentioned in academic texts of the late 17th century. The mystery is who or what created them. From simple designs such as circles, or circles with rings, they then developed lines. Today they have evolved into breathtaking pictograms with many displaying amazing computer fractals and elements that could only be found in quantum physics processes. The sizes of these stunning creations have also greatlt increased with some reported as covering areas of 150,000 - 250,000sq.ft. They generally appear overnight and the sheer complexity of them dismisses the notion that they could possibly be man-made. Hoaxing inevitably occurs frequently but there can be no explanation for the detection of high levels of energy, background radiation, infrared output, and electromagnetism associated with them. It is reported that in 1996 a pilot flew over Stonehenge and saw nothing unusual, but on flying back over the monument 15 minutes later an immense 600ft series of crop circles had appeared, resembling the Julia Set computer fractal, and comprising of 149 circles!

It is little wonder then that The Barge Inn near Pewsey in Wiltshire has become a mecca for crop circle enthusiasts, being located in a county renowned for numerous sightings. In fact parts of the inn more resemble a research lab than a pub. Giant noticeboards in the pubs 'Crop Room' keep visitors up to date and there are numerous photographs, letters and diagrams everywhere. A huge map covered with coloured stickers details past and present crop circle sightings and the manager has transformed the place into a focal point for the curious hordes who descend on the pub each year. On the ceiling of the 'Crop Room' is a large impressive mural that depicts the ancient monuments of Wiltshire - Stonehenge, Silbury Hill, Avebury and the White Horse. All are linked together with circles, swirls, and other symbols that have been spotted in local cornfields. The mural was painted by ex-local artist Vince Palmer.

Whoever or whatever the reasons behind these beautiful formations, The Barge Inn stands a good chance of being the first to know when that discovery is made.