Enville Street, Stourbridge, West Midlands


Who would have believed it? The subject of various television, radio and newspaper reports, Somerset House - an unassuming West Midlands local - hit the headlines as a pub where you can park your pint unsupported on its walls! With a sceptical mind (and a lunchtime thirst) we went along to investigate, and came away as bemused as the German camera crew who had preceded us. The phenomenon has been probed by scientists who arrived at the conclusion that the wallpaper glue was responsible. Their assumption is based on a suspicion that a combination of glue, old tobacco smoke and grime

is enough to hold a full pint against the wall, sometimes for a day or more, although they admit it is very odd. Regulars at Somerset House are not convinced however and believe the walls are magic, whilst others insist the pub is haunted. Spookily enough coffins used to be assembled on this land just out the back and tales abound of mysterious happenings over the years. What is beyond dispute is the fact that the photograph below was taken by our own photographer and shows his pint suspended unaided from the wall of the pub. Minutes later it was quaffed, and very welcome it was too!