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its a great idea

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the read

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your research

We would buy one,
and family and friends
as well

Britain's Strangest
Pubs is fascinating


 Fantastic book

A best seller
for alcoholics

Your book looks fun,
and even more fun
to research

A fascinating subject,
its a good idea

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success of your book


 Acclaimed by numerous celebrities and the subject of rave reviews by dozens of newspapers, magazines and other media, Strangest Pubs in Britain is a rollercoaster ride of amazement and a book you simply cannot miss reading.

Almost 100 full colour photographs and 170 entries - its absolutely full of the weirdest, wackiest pubs there are. You literally won't believe your eyes!


most bizarre pub in Britain
the amazing crooked house MORE HERE 
the pub named in 60 languages
most notorious pub in Britain
pub created from an ocean liner
polar bears & coffin shaped windows
the sunken city with a pub
canal running through a pub
floor made of gravestones
smallest pub in Britain
door made with human skin MORE HERE
launderette in a pub
religious ceremonies & witchcraft
the strange horse skulls
pub with its own railway station
church services in a pub
skittles played with blocks of cheese
bar & ceiling made from doors
largest musical instrument in a pub
pub built like a deck of cards MORE HERE
most remote pub in Britain
infamous prison cells
200 years of mouldy buns
the mummified hand
cinema in a pub
soap made in a pub
museum of curiosity
the pub with no name
professional golf tuition in a pub
drinks hang unsupported from walls MORE HERE
most unusual layout
dentist's chair & other curious seating
oldest colony of bees in world
boxing ring in a pub
world bog-snorkelling championships
lending library in a pub
gigantic celebrity footwear collection
bear pit in a pub
most eccentric pub in Britain
chicken races & UFO's MORE HERE
5,000 crazy collectibles
biggest fireplace in Britain
the discovery of DNA
most entrances
gothic, gargoyles & crypts
crazy interior
table made with blacksmith's bellows
longest bar in Europe
the monster poker
amazing pub & village of crosses MORE HERE
biggest liar in the world competition
the seat to nowhere
tallest bar in Britain
world black pudding throwing championships
Mary Queen of Scots shrine
shooting gallery in a pub
the bloody hand on the settle
biggest stuffed collection
2,000 year old Tuscan pillars
snail racing & shoes as deposits MORE HERE
most famous Scottish pub
a pub below a pub
massive fireplace & turnspit
the carved creature
pub made completely out of marble
smallest art gallery in Britain
Britain's highest pub
Little John the giant's chair
the split personality pub
crop circle headquarters MORE HERE
250 year old tree growing through 3 floors
bakery in a pub
literally a hole in the wall
largest door in Britain
all front page news
world marbles championships
is this the world's oldest game
get judged & fined in the bar
Bronze Age cemetery and 302ft deep well
spectacular bees and honey pub MORE HERE
best view of tidal waves
cider emporium & museum
the pub with miniature doors
mysterious stone circle
spectacular Dickensian murals
smallest room in a pub
a bench called death row
pub with 4inch beer pump televisions

 Britain's most fascinating book

pub that floats on a bed of reeds
drinks served by robots MORE HERE
wind-up gramophone museum
grave-robbing bar
pub in a department store
most remote mainland pub in Britain
fire perpetually lit over 300 years
riddle of the 1,000yr old Celtic coffin lid
oldest medieval crypt in England
largest water wheel in pub
world famous twitchers pub
the study of Sherlock Holmes MORE HERE
the riddle of 150yr old sailor suit & tunnel
most unusual collection
smallest bar in Britain
1,000 year old grave in a pub
the tradition of the hanging hot-cross buns
enormous confessional stall
famous snob-screens
gravestone in a ceiling
oldest domestic window in Britain
festival of wormcharming MORE HERE
grotesque gargoyles
full size barge-boat as a bar in a pub
biggest nautical museum
gigantic Union Jack flag building
Britain's most curious pub
Neolithic standing stone
monks of all description
gigantic fireplace & secret passage
smallest dining room in Britain
world toe wrestling championships MORE HERE
dog-sled trials at this pub
world's most lavish toilets
famous pewter collection
the petrified cat
the Saltersgate legend
the monkey myth
butterfly pub sign made from thousands of nails
Chantry House secret glass
Tudor pub with rare curved door
Roman bath in a pub MORE HERE
fires beneath windows
oldest pub in England
oldest pub in Scotland
oldest pub in Wales
the hideous figurehead
pub built into a mountain
the pub with no bar
the strange chair tradition
the skull & the poltergeist MORE HERE
world marbles championships
stranded on an island
weird miniature collection in miniature pub
drink in a cave
the art deco marvel
oddest souvenirs
pub with 15acre nature reserve
world famous gigantic inventors murals
pub on an isthmus
the home of Dracula MORE HERE
the tree trunk armchair
famous collectors pub
public right of way through the pub
pub moved & reconstructed in museum
most striking location
world famous gallows sign
the plumber in the ceiling
the spectacular pub near France
strange coins tradition
Egyptian bar with sarcophagus MORE HERE
smallest window in England
the world's prime minister's local
so much water in Egypt
the seaside in the toilets
best period tiling in the country